Jamie Simmons

Jamie Simmons, CEO of Covantex, is a serial entrepreneur with his career rooted in electrical engineering. Simmons often leans towards innovative, high tech ventures. Adventurous in nature, he enjoys sailing and flying in his free time.

Career in Entrepreneurship & Engineering

electric-wiring-elektrik-wire-cableThroughout his career, Jamie Simmons has solidified his expertise in engineering.  Specifically, he excels in electrical, software and computer engineering.  His journey into the field began with the pursuit of his Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Software Engineering at the University of Rhode Island.  Eager to get the ball rolling, Simmons completed his three year program in just two years.  This drive has certainly followed him into his career as an entrepreneur.  Among colleagues and other professionals, Simmons is known for being a capable leader with a drive that motivates others.

As an executive leader, Jamie Simmons is always hands-on in his approach.  A creative and innovative professional, he enjoys rolling up his sleeves and taking part in the process of creating new and unique concepts.  Simmons is backed by an excellent track record for building and leading high performance development organizations and startups.

More than just a leader who watches from the sidelines, he is fulfilled by the experience of building something from the ground up.  His command is demonstrative of his professional experiences, which have earned him expertise in a wide variety of areas — from technology and sales to call centers operations and logistics.  An entrepreneur who thrives in turning a little into a lot, he is backed by an extended record of high output with limited resources.

Personal Interests

Sailing & Flying

For many years, Jamie Simmons has been an avid amateur sailboat navigator and licensed pilot.  As someone who enjoys to travel, he fully embraces the opportunity to go his own way and navigate his own path.  Both personally and professionally, Simmons’s drive to choose his own route is imperative to his character.  For nearly two decades, he has sailed monohull sailboats.  Always ready to set sail, Simmons looks forward to continuing his sailing pursuits.  He also hopes to one day fly seaplanes down to the Caribbean Islands.

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