Jamie Simmons Education & Career

Jamie Simmons is an entrepreneur with a passion for innovative projects and startups. Simmons largely credits his focus on state-of-the-art concepts to his roots in Engineering.


Chester H. Kirk Center for Advanced Technology, University of Rhode Island

The University of Rhode Island (1981 – 1983)

From the very start of his career, Jamie Simmons has been a go-getter with a can-do attitude.  Eager to get his career off the ground, Simmons completed a three year Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering program in just two years.  While studying for his B.S. at the University of Rhode Island, he solidified the foundation of his expertise in a variety of areas of engineering.  Equipped with the latest and greatest information in the field, Simmons was well on his way to creating truly innovative concepts.

Specialties & Areas of Expertise


To say Jamie Simmons is an engineer would be an understatement.  Certainly, his roots are in Electrical Engineering, but his command in the industry stretches far beyond the basics.  Over the course of his education and career, Simmons has solidified his expertise in an array of subfields related to Electrical Engineering.  He maintains solid command in Software Engineering, Software Development and Computer Engineering.  Throughout his career, Simmons has fine-tuned and developed his expertise in these areas through the experiences his numerous professional roles have introduced him to.  Simmons credits his background in Engineering with fostering his lean towards innovative, high tech ventures and projects.



Jamie Simmons is a serial entrepreneur backed by over three decades of diverse experience.  When it comes to leadership, Simmons is tried and true in his command.  Throughout his career, he has held numerous positions at the executive level.  He has also routinely acted as the driving force in many ventures, often spearheading innovation as a leader.

Career Highlights

As an entrepreneur with a background in engineering, Jamie Simmons is well equipped for the tech field.  His expertise is demonstrative of his accomplishments in unique high tech industries.  Highlights of Simmons’s career included (but are certainly not limited to!):

  • Co-founded eSecuritel in 2001. For this startup, Jamie Simmons acted as Chief Architect of a Handset Issue Tracking Systems (HITS). Taking complete operational responsibility of the company, he built the business from 0 subscribers to 500,000 over the course of 4 years.
  • Developed a web portal and internet-based auction strategy for the exclusive publication, Millionaire Magazine. 
  • Designed and built a golf simulator for use in virtual Japanese country clubs.