In Jamie Simmons’s professional opinion, there is no more effective way to learn than through hands-on experience. Penn State happens to share that vision. The entrepreneurial-centric engineer features the University’s unique engineering entrepreneurship program:

Penn State’s Engineering Entrepreneurship Program (E-SHIP) is offering students a unique opportunity to connect with tech-based startups.  It’s all thanks to their Entrepreneurship Internship (ENtern) program.  The opportunity pairs students on technology-focused trajectories with startups to form a partnership that benefits the student as much as the startup!  Learning together, the intern is offered the chance to fully immerse his/herself in the process of harnessing the drive and determination to build a venture from scratch.  All the while, the student is able to put their shiny new engineering expertise to the test with roll-up-your-sleeves experience.  Engineers and entrepreneurs, like Jamie Simmons, applaud the ENtern program and look forward to more universities following suit with the idea.