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ASU Fosters Entrepreneurial Mindset 

Blending innovation and engineering is a natural combination. In fact, the mesh takes little effort, as engineers thrive in the high tech industry. Across the country, more and more academic institutions of higher education are embracing the combo of entrepreneurship and engineering. Jamie Simmons reports…


Learn the Basics of Electrical Engineering 

What if I told you that for just $60, you could learn the basics of Electrical Engineering? Well, it’s true — but only for a limited time, thanks to the Electrical & Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle from Mashable. URI alum and Electrical Engineer, Jamie Simmons…


Oregon Youth Sailing Foundation Short Film Contest 

Are you a young sailor or sailing enthusiast with a passion for film? The Oregon Youth Sailing Foundation is hosting their Second Annual Sailing Short Film Competition! The cash prize may even assist in expanding your sailing adventures! For decades, Jamie Simmons has been an…


Beloved Cruise Line Cancels Sailing Schedule 

Somber news for adventurers who enjoy setting sail on a cruise ship. Though the update will come as little surprise to most, this popular cruise line is canceling all sailing scheduled through March 2021. Lover of travel and adventure, Jamie Simmons shares the details: The…


Electrical Engineering program regains top ranking status 

If you’re on the hunt for the Electrical Engineering program that’s right for you, Jamie Simmons encourages you to give Texas A&M some consideration. But, there’s a twist, which just might seal the deal for some prospective students!   Are you committed to pursuing a career…

Covid-19, Travel

Historic Sailboat Owners Set Sail in Protest 

COVID-19 has affected everyone — including historic sailboat owners in the Netherlands. Now, the Dutch are trying to stay afloat by taking the helm on the matter and sailing in protest. COVID-19-inspired social distancing measures are severely afflicting owners of historical Dutch sailboats.  Many of…

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