At Duke University, innovation is something that students both study and strive for. With the development of Duke’s brand new engineering building, that innovation may start to boom right on campus. Engineer and Entrepreneur, Jamie Simmons shares the update:

During the Spring 2021 semester, Duke University will officially open the doors of the Wilkinson Building.  Engineering-focused, this addition to the campus will host active-learning with their forward-thinking visionaries in mind.  Named after longtime supporters of Duke, Jerry C. and Beverly A. Wilkinson, the Wilkinson building will consist of various design labs, including a Center for Engineering Entrepreneurship, Center for Innovation, Learning Commons and a 200-seat auditorium.  Keeping pace with the industry as it operates today, the Engineering Entrepreneurship Center will blend the scientific study with the strategic approaches of business.  As an entrepreneur with a background in engineering — and engineering-intensive startups — Jamie Simmons is enthusiastic about Duke’s interesting new engineering building.