What if I told you that for just $60, you could learn the basics of Electrical Engineering? Well, it’s true — but only for a limited time, thanks to the Electrical & Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle from Mashable. URI alum and Electrical Engineer, Jamie Simmons dives into what a $60 value means !

In 2011, various studies were published that suggested that students pursuing their Bachelor’s in Engineering spend roughly 19 hours per week studying. 

Right now, Mashable is serving up an Engineering Certification that takes only 34 hours to complete.  Normally at a price point well beyond one-thousand, this package deal of 13 courses and 361 virtual lessons is being advertised at only $59.99.  Mashable claims the Electrical & Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle can take you from knowing nothing at all about engineering to knowing the very basics.  Across the program’s 34 hours of content, you’ll be introduced to everything from electrical circuits and power generation to light current systems and so much more!

Although the content itself may make up only 34 hours, Mashable encourages you to work through the program at your own pace.  In that way, this virtual ‘Certification’ is a lot more similar to a structured collegiate course.  (If you’ve taken a semester off while waiting out the storm that is the COVID-19 pandemic, this might be the ticket to get a taste of courses to come!)

Overall, the Electrical and Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle won’t earn you the same refined expertise as a formal certificate.  In other words, it won’t teach you all there is to know about electrical engineering — but Mashable isn’t claiming that it will!  From a professional’s perspective, Jamie Simmons thinks this Bundle is a great idea for anyone toying with the idea of pursuing a degree in engineering.  At the base line, this program will give you a glimpse into the field’s basics, without delving too much into engineering’s inner workings.  It’s a great start for anyone — even if you’re looking to educate yourself on engineering for pure entertainment!